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Pragmatic Lessons for Freight Forwarding Companies During the SARS Crisis

Pragmatic Lessons for Freight Forwarding Companies During the SARS Crisis

With the inception of a global pandemic, supply chain frameworks were disrupted. Major freight forwarding companies in the industry faced unprecedented ramifications like never before. As economies crumbled and freight forwarding companies struggled to keep up with the dynamic industry demands, savvy freight forwarders learned and implemented some fundamental lessons that aided them in navigating through the pandemic efficiently. Let’s delve into the lessons learned by industry experts to find out the industry trends imperative for every freight moving company.

#1 Preparedness

As enterprise spines bit the dust, business owners struggled started to adapt to the evolving industry changes. No business had a comprehensive strategy to navigate through a global crisis. However, the pandemic prepared organizations to have an effective and adaptable contingency plan that offered the basis of a plan for any future crisis. We would say the magic word was- “flexible”. No one-size-fits-all solution can safeguard enterprise biorhythms. However, with a backup plan or effective preparedness, every international freight shipping company ensured that operations kept running seamlessly.

#2 Deploying new technologies for digitization

Technology is relentlessly improving the way we work by repurposing conventional work ecosystems. Every freight delivery company is leveraging avant-garde technology to support the ability to provide a premium experience to customers. Deploying new technology has become more important than ever because digitization is a mandate for streamlining intricate workflow processes.

#3 Leadership

Every freight logistics company has understood the significance of efficient leadership at times of a global crisis. Resourceful and agile mindsets in leadership positions are imperative for better decision-making under ambiguous circumstances. To get clarity, direction, and deliver results for customers and businesses, every company needs efficient leaders that can handle adaptations to change as well as administration.

#4 Flexible workplace

The pandemic has propelled a massive shift towards the work from home culture and multitasking has become the one-stop solution to navigate through the grind. To aid employees in adapting to the high-octane global calamity, creating a flexible workplace is crucial. Remote offices, as well as online resources, are playing a monumental role in handling worldwide freight management frameworks and flexibility is the key to giving employees some leg room amidst the confinements of claustrophobic supply chain management.

#5 Sustainability

Have you ever heard of the kind of waste that invoices and paper payslips cause? Everyone doesn’t recycle and to take the first step towards sustainability, businesses are moving to paperless invoices. Starting from custom clearance requirements to simple invoices, digitization has transformed everything.

Final thoughts

What did your freight forwarding company learn during the tough times of pandemic? JMY Cargo is revolutionizing logistics with a forward-thinking approach and a tech-oriented strategy. What is your master plan to develop a profound global presence for your pioneering brand? Do you want a proficient logistics company to maximize your outreach across different countries? Get in touch with JMY Cargo now! We would be more than happy to be a part of your freight forwarding adventure.

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