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Safeguard Your Packaging in an Ocean Freight Shipment

Safeguard Your Packaging in an Ocean Freight Shipment

Global trade keeps us connected with customers, consumers, and industries around the world. There are several modes of shipping used around the world-sea, air, rail, and land.

Whichever mode of transport you use, even the most meticulously planned shipment can go away either due to natural disasters or human-made errors.

Cargo damage is one such disaster that not only gives rise to product and financial losses but could also affect the relationship between customers and consumers. 

To understand the importance of freight forwarding and how to manage damages while considering the external factors of international container shipping, JMY Cargo is a container shipping company focusing on solutions that simplify inland freight forwarding processes. 

Let’s get its insights and expert tips.

  • Importance of proper packaging

Safety matters the most for the goods that you’re transporting and to avoid claims, damages, and losses.

Some people try to save money on packaging without knowing the scenario. When preparing your packaging, it is really important to consider the type of cargo that you’re shipping and also its transit.

Suppose there are multiple people handling the freight, as well as the number of times the cargo will be loaded and unloaded from the truck, must be considered to handle the freight.

  • Importance of labeling and padding

The importance of labeling and padding is beyond imagination. Workers at the airport, dock, or freight forwarders and carriers, do not know what commodity they are dealing with when loading and unloading. 

If you have cargo that wants to handle differently, make sure to label the goods such as “handle with care”, or “do not touch” so that they will care about the goods.

It is important to have it on the cargo platelet to have better visibility.

  • Avoid delays due to Non-compliance

While shipping overseas, many shippers don’t realize the conditions their cargo goes through. They prepare their cargo as if they were shipping domestically and fail to consider the international journey. 

International transportation is very different from domestic transportation. When shipping overseas, it is important to make the extra effort to secure and use the right type of packaging.

Tips for packing LCL(Less than container Load) & FCL(Full Container Load)

LCL shipment refers to those containers in which your goods take up less than the entire container. FCL refers to transporting a full container exclusively for your shipment. You will not share the space with anybody else. 

In both shipments, the following are highly recommended:

  • Double-walled boxes with two layers of stacked corrugated cardboard
  • Use strong and sturdy boxes to minimize the risk of breakage
  • High-quality tape that will withstand changes in temperature and won’t lose its stickiness
  • Label correctly with special instructions clearly marked
  • If possible, wrap it with black shrink to avoid movement and conceal the contents


At JMY Cargo, we strive to provide our customers with above-and-beyond services that ensure each and every shipment arrives on time and safely. As an international container shipping company, our experienced team members are always ready to answer any questions that you may have. Our LCL and FCL service are spread across the globe.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can grow your business with us!

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