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The Rise of Freight Shipping Costs- Improve Your Supply Chain

The Rise of Freight Shipping Costs- Improve Your Supply Chain

International freight costs are increasing in the post-pandemic era in which the logistics industry faces many challenges. The impact of pandemics can’t be imagined by many of us in daily and business life. However, millions of people are dealing with the effects of this seismic event.

  • Logistics and the aftermath of covid-19

After the pandemic, the logistics can’t be the same, and some experts say that it will take years to stabilize completely. Meanwhile, the world is preparing for several challenges including high inflation, geopolitical conflicts, and disruption in the supply-demand dynamics of international trade. 

The ripple effects of supply and demand are disrupting and the genuine reason to appreciate it is its complexity and interconnectedness of the supply chain. However, the supply industry is not about manufacturing, selling, supplying, or purchasing merchandise instead of when a customer expresses their desire and preferences. During the deliveries ordering, marketing, sales, inventory management, packaging, materials, and production. Any of these collapses will affect the whole freight supply chain. 

  • E-commerce has a new lease on life

The e-commerce sector has been the only source of interest in industry during the pandemic. Because this is the only to order goods and services. Hence, the supply chain is in demand for e-commerce. Manufacturers have to deal with emergency orders from around the globe. Ports, ships, and logistics companies are conquered by the demand and limitations as the staff is falling sick, scarce, and even dead. Gone are the days when online retail is known as a side business and now becoming the mainstream guard.

  • Use air freight for a faster option

Air freight is much more expensive than ocean freight. But since ocean freight is a little bit longer so, air freight may currently be a more viable shipping option for businesses. 

Even though you can’t save many expenses but JMY Cargo takes guarantees of your freight to deliver sooner which means your goods will deliver to your customer on time.  

  • Move your manufacturing locations

The crisis gives a lesson to all of us that businesses must not be entirely reliant on one country for manufacturing needs and move their manufacturing locations to reduce risk. JMY Cargo can be a reliable source of your manufacturing as it operates effortless transportation all over the globe. 

  • Shipping Prices aren’t getting cheaper

ING predicted that the new container capacity is not going to bring shipping prices low until 2023. So, many businesses started to think about the long-term health of their business. JMY Cargo always prefers customers over manufacturing costs and tries to maintain trust at a high level. 

Wrapping up

Whether you are pushing a last-minute pickup worldwide or delivering goods on a deadline, JMY Cargo is the best choice for saving businesses significant money and time. 
Feel free to contact us and you will instantly save time, and money, especially for international freight costs.

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