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Going with the Sustainable Trend: Digital Invoicing for Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

With the rise of e-commerce and the emergence of cross-country shipping platforms, the world has shrunk. Enterprises are now shipping cross-borders with global logistics services, and as online retail is flourishing, commercial invoices are becoming a crucial part of international cargo shipping. While invoices are undoubtedly important, the humongous paper waste they generate is simply heartbreaking. To reduce the atrocious effect of paper invoices on the environment, digital invoices are taking the dominant front. The impact that these digital invoices manifest for brands is immense. Let’s discuss some of these below:

What are commercial invoices, and what are they used for? 

Commercial invoices are special export documents that aid in getting the package through customs. A correct commercial invoice is essential to quickly decide the taxes and import duties that apply to the package. When custom officials see whether the package meets the international cargo shipping they leave the shipment off the port without any delay.

The need for sustainability

Technology has made the shift from paperless to digital easier. However, many companies still haven’t made the switch. There are many incredible benefits that paper-free processes can provide to the e-commerce shipping industry. While some are unaware of the incredible advantage that paper-free processes can provide, others are intimidated by the thought of shifting to an entirely new process. But, you don’t need to be overwhelmed, as the advantage of going paperless is incredibly substantial. Here are a few reasons why every shipping company should strongly consider going digital with their invoicing process. Some of these are listed as follows: 

  • Collaboration

When a shipping company digitizes its invoicing process that means that the entire logistic team along with the customer will have access to all the necessary information at all times. At times of crisis, paper-based processes can cause a lot of chaos, whereas digital invoices keep everything orchestrated. 

  • Eco-friendly

When you reduce your reliance on paper, you can create a more sustainable business model. A shipping company that follows a digital invoicing model can contribute to the well-being of the environment by cutting down on the amount of paper that is being used. Beyond paper, you can also save the environment from quarts of oil, ink cartridges, and ink that cause widespread ecological damage. 

  • Economic perk

By introducing a digital invoicing model, your organization can also save a significant amount of money. The money you spend on ink, printer upkeep, physical storage, and toner will greatly decrease as your reliance on paper diminishes. 

  • Better security

Paper can act as a significant liability for your enterprise as sensitive files can be easily destroyed, misfiled, or stolen. When businesses put their trust in your shipping business, you need to depend on more than a shredder and filing cabinet. When shipping companies move their invoicing medium to digital platforms, they can follow an approach that offers a much higher level of security with firewalls, encryption, etc. 

  • Compliance with the regulations

Complying with the customs regulations or upholding customer confidentiality in a paper-based system can be complicated. However, with a digital invoicing model, complying with the regulations can be easy as getting access to online resources is easier than accessing hardcopy documents. 


Do you want to send your shipments outside your national borders? Then do it with a freight shipping company that provides the facility of paperless invoicing. The possibilities that you create for the environment will be limitless. There is no denying that the total elimination of paper may not be feasible, but even a fractional reduction can increase efficiency and yield cost-saving benefits. As the availability of new technology becomes ubiquitous, the paperless invoice has become a newfound way of promoting sustainability in cross-country shipping operations. 

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