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Multi-Stop Truckload Explained | JMY Cargo

Multi-Stop Truckload Explained

If you think that in truckload transportation there are only two points on the route, you are sadly mistaken. Undoubtedly the consignment can also be shipped between two points where the freight is picked up and delivered to the end destination without any in-between checkpoints. However, sometimes freight delivery companies need multiple halts on the way. This is known as multi-stop truckload shipping or MSTL. 

When should MSTL be used?

If you have multiple consignees/ customers spanning across the length of a designated shipping lane, MSTL can be an excellent option for you. Typically, some shippers relentlessly battle against the visibility issues of smaller trailers and transit time. For them, multi-stop services can do wonders. In contrast to the Full Truckload (TL) and Less-than-truckload (LTL), MSTL, when handled properly are highly cost-effective solutions for international freight shipping businesses. 

How does MSTL Positively Influence Prices?

The multi-stop truckload has many advantages including better time management and better use of resources. It can facilitate communication in real time between drivers, dispatchers, and customers while offering better service. In addition to these perks, the cost-saving advantages include the following: 

  • Bid adieu to the expenses of multiple truck bookings

Post-pandemic, the logistics market has been quite tight. Reserving multiple trucks just to ship smaller freights isn’t as reasonable as doing so with one shipment. In fact, driver shortage and the relentlessly skyrocketing demand for trucking solutions have caused a massive spike in shipment prices, and finding more than one truck to deliver different shipments to different locations might be expensive. However, with MSTL this won’t be the case. You just need one truck that can ship orders down the designated lane with multiple checkpoints. 

  • Reduced vulnerability to liability claims

When you ship with MSTL, your freight won’t be sharing a common trailer with consignments from other logistics companies. Thus, it is far less subject to handling and as you will be completely in charge of the route, the chances of your consignment getting lost or damaged in transit are negligible. 

Undoubtedly, Multi-stop truckload has many excellent cost-saving advantages. However, when not properly planned or handled, MSTL can also be a bane for your budget. If you aren’t working with a professional freight shipping company with a rock-solid history of handling the logistics of MSTL, it may become your biggest nightmare. 


Often costly delays are incurred by shoddy drop-offs and this leads to unfortunate expenses in the form of accessorial charges. Thus, if you want MSTL, ensure to work with a renowned freight forwarding company that understands the crests and troughs of the supply chain vividly. Searching for an expert freight forwarder to help you with your shipment? JMY Cargo can be your one-stop solution! 
With dynamic routing, rerouting, load planning, and street-level optimization, the freight shipping company facilitate cost-effective network modeling. Need more information about JMY Cargo’s freight shipping processes? Contact the experts now!

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