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Small Business Ecommerce Shipping Tips to Grow Your Profit Margins

Running a small business is no easy feat and especially when you are shipping overseas, keeping a close eye on all the business operations while minimizing the shipping costs can seem nothing less than a nightmare. But what if we tell you that you can cut down on the shipping costs and make shipping more seamless? Amazing right? To find out more, surf through this quick read and make your e-commerce shipping hassle-free and cost-effective! 

A top question that plagues many small business owners is how they can make their International freight shipping smart when it comes to e-commerce? Two major factors come into play here: weight and distance. Small businesses need to consider their shipping strategies in order to maximize their profits. This article will provide some tips for small business owners when it comes to the logistics of shipping and how it can positively impact their margins.

A brief overview of shipping

There are three major types of International cargo shipping: Standard, Priority, and Expedited. Standard is the default which most online retailers use, with Priority being an option if you need your package in a hurry (usually within 3 days). Expedited is only available with some carriers with prices based on weight and distance. Many small business owners are not aware of the shipping options they have. They may use the same carrier for all their shipments or use carriers with low rates, but high rates on some items. There are many strategies you can implement to make your shipping process more profitable.

A good way to start is by analyzing what your company needs and then finding a new carrier that can fulfill those needs. You should then create a plan that will allow you to shift some of your shipments over time to this new carrier, while still fulfilling your customer’s needs. 

You can deploy several ways to make your cross-country shipping more efficient. Some of these are listed as follows:

Understand the basics of shipping

To ensure that your shipments reach their destination without any hiccups and at a competitive price, you need to consider all your options. Understanding shipping isn’t just crucial for the freight logistics company, it is important for you as well because the shipping costs are calculated based on different factors like service and speed, dimension and weight of the package, destination, delivery method, shipping volume, etc. Evaluate and look upon the various factors affecting shipping and negotiate with your shipping vendor accordingly. 

Define your shipping strategy

The next step is understanding the costs and developing a shipping strategy because finances are important for every small business. Ask yourself three questions:

  • Where will you sell?
  • Who will you ship with?
  • Whether you want to outsource or not?

Then you need to know your shipping zone. Whenever you send your package from one location to another, it crosses different shipping zones. When you know your shipping zones, you can negotiate shipping rates with the carrier and consider how you are marketing your products and services while targeting local customers. 

Find the best shipping vendor for your cross-country shipping

Selecting the right Container shipping company or a shipping partner is a critical step for e-commerce businesses because they handle insurmountable shipping tasks which are more often outsourced by businesses. Be sure to check the websites of different shipping partners to find the one that’s right for you. The shipping company must be transparent, experienced, and cost-effective enough to meet your shipping needs without any compromises. The best shipping companies can help to map out and fine-tune the supply chain and discover opportunities for greater productivity, agility, and growth. 


Believe it or not, but paying for a pricey small business shopping operation can be a significant cost when you are just seizing your ecommerce ground. As a small business, you need to keep up with the expectations of the modern consumers who have become accustomed to fast and free shipping from different e-commerce giants like Amazon. So, buckle up, start searching for the best freight shipping company and ensure to select the vendors who are willing to provide shipping services at a reasonable price. 
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