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What to Do When a Package is Delivered to the Wrong Address

What to Do When a Package is Delivered to the Wrong Address?

Name someone who doesn’t keep checking the status of their shipment once they order something. Waiting for a package to show up at your doorstep can be infuriating. However, when the status says the package was delivered, but you didn’t receive it, despair can become real. Rarely, the package you sent with a specific freight delivery company can get misdelivered to the wrong address. Wondering what to do in that case? Here’s a guide for you! 

What are the reasons for misdelivery?

  • If the place was rented before you moved there and you received a courier, the package probably belongs to the ex-owners. 
  • If you changed the address after the order was placed, re-routing wasn’t an option.
  • If the delivery partner didn’t see the indicated house number. 
  • If the tracking status says delivered, sometimes the carrier might show up later due to technical glitches. 

What to do if your package was delivered to the wrong address?

If your freight delivery company has shipped the package to the wrong delivery address, here’s what you need to do next:

  • Track the status: The first step for checking the status of your misdelivered package is checking the tracking status available on the freight delivery company’s website or application. Also, try to analyze and inquire if there’s any information about the person who received the package. 
  • Reach out to the delivery company: The first thing to do is to contact the freight shipping company directly. Freight forwarding companies have internal systems with dashboards and everything that can help you to check the delivery status. After they check who signed for receiving the package, you can simply ask the company to collect the package and resend it back to the actual recipient. 
  • Check with your neighbors: There is a great probability that the package was maybe delivered to the wrong address near your proximity and someone signed for the package on your behalf. You can reach out to your neighbors and let them know about the misdelivered package. If anyone denies giving the package that was wrongly delivered to them, you can report that to the shipping company in charge of the delivery. 
  • Does the package belong to someone else? If it does and if someone else’s package was delivered to you then contact the shipping company in charge. The professionals can rearrange the transfer to the actual recipient after collecting the package from your location and the package will be rightfully delivered to the real receiver or sender. 


If you don’t want to deal with the nerve-racking dilemma of a misdelivered package, then working with a professional freight logistics company can be your one-stop solution. Freight forwarding companies deal in shipping containers across multiple routes and to different cross-border locations. Ship your consignment with the best freight moving company and avoid the fear of your package getting misdelivered.

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