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Why Right Packaging is Essential in Ocean Freight Shipping

Why Right Packaging is Essential in Ocean Freight Shipping

What do you think happens in the cargo shipping industry? Every day thousands of tons of cargo are shipped globally. Ranging from pharmaceutical and industrial equipment to personal cargo and bulk products, international freight shipping companies ship thousands of containers worldwide. There are many modes of freight shipping. However, ocean freight is one of the most popular ones.

If you are an exporter whose business depends on the safe transportation of products to end customers through the ocean, the packaging is extremely crucial. For international freight shipping companies, packaging the cargo securely and to the standard is vital to protect the cargo from damage. There are many reasons why proper packaging is imperative for ocean freight shipping. Read on to find some of them.

Significance of proper packaging

Proper packaging is crucial for the obvious safety and security of goods that you are transporting across marine freight. If you want to avoid damages, claims, and losses, try to save money on packaging at the initial step. Consider the type of cargo that you are shipping and the number of handling points in between and pack the goods accordingly depending on how they are supposed to be shipped, loaded, and unloaded. 

Note that packaging doesn’t simply mean wrapping the commodities or consignments in shock-safe materials, packaging also means labeling and padding. Workers at the ports or freight forwarders typically do not know what commodity or consignments they are handling when they are loading or unloading, which is why labeling or padding is crucial. Ensure to add labels such as “handle with care”, “fragile”, “this way up”, “do not double stack” and more so that they understand how to handle the pallet with care. 

A word of caution

Every day a great deal of loading and unloading is involved in the freight forwarding industry. Any professional freight shipping company understands the significance of packaging and insurance. The cargo is constantly being compressed, shifted, and jolted around from external changes during the shipping process while being exposed to changes in humidity and temperatures. 

All customers see are packaging mistakes that result in claims being filed. However, sometimes when the packaging is impeccable, external factors might lead to container damage or loss. That’s when insurance can come in handy. Ensure that your chosen freight forwarding company offers insurance along with timely shipping so that in case of any casualties you have a backup. 

The bottom line

In case you are looking for professional freight forwarders, JMY Cargo can be your one-stop solution. The international freight shipping company ensures every consignment reaches the end customers without any hiccups. Ranging from packaging to insurance everything is taken care of and the best part is you pay competitive prices for the shipment services you avail. So, did you reach out to the seasoned team of international shippers yet?

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